Suck At Goodbyes? Here’s What You Need To Do

Distance relationships are tough. Seeing someone you love once in a blue moon can be gut-wrenching. Thank god some of us had brains to make video calling a reality, but it seldom changes the fact that missing out on being next to them every day feels like a prison sentence.

Visiting them demands a lot of planning and cash which confines our presence to be a couple of times at max per year. The only thing worse than a distance relationship is the moment you take off from the airport and back to your monotonous life again. However, in a long distance relationship, you can enjoy the might of, which is pretty beneficial. If you suck at goodbyes as everybody else does, here are 5 things you should definitely take a look at before you leave:

1. Talk To Them:

One of the biggest blessings in life people overlook is a heart-warming conversation with the person you love. Always make sure that you’ve sorted out your differences and have come to an understanding before you leave. Focus on making them comfortable rather than getting into any physical act of love. The fact that you’re leaving is already a lot for them to take, and we urge you not to add anything further to that.

2. Get It Out Of Your System:

It is important to understand that holding things inside doesn’t bring any good to anybody. If there’s something you’ve been holding yourself back from saying, it’s time to let it out. Confronting your partner later on over some screw up they did in the past will increase their chances of getting upset rather than acknowledging their mistake. Besides, there exists a fair chance that you might have developed a misunderstanding over something perceived differently than it was actually meant to be.

3. Give Them A Souvenir:

Before you leave, make sure you give them something to remember you by. Souvenirs need not be fancy or expensive. Your worn t-shirt or a small keyring can do wonders for them. Just ensure that you leave them with something which makes them feel connected to you, something that makes them feel an inseparable part of you.

4. Hide Secret Messages:

This isn’t something fancy but does require a bit of thought and planning to do correctly. Just take a bunch of post-its or tissues and write personal messages full of love and compassion. Hide them someplace they don’t visit frequently. If they get upset after a month or so, ask them to check that closet they’ve never opened since you were gone and witness a much-needed savior smile running across their lips.

5. Show Maturity:

Be vulnerable -there’s nothing wrong with it. But don’t showcase your vulnerability to your partner as they’re on the receiving end of you leaving them alone again. Always remember -it’s easier for the person who’s leaving rather than the person who’s staying behind and watching the other person go. While the former gets indulged in various aspects involved in traveling, the latter comes home all alone to an empty apartment.

Love is tough and we totally get it. If it would’ve been so easy, there would’ve been so much thrill in it, don’t you think? Now since you know what to do, why don’t you go to your partner and make them feel blessed with a forehead kiss?

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